About Us

For the Individual

We are a new company looking to better the job and career opportunity market by bringing video into your job obtainment.  Over the years, I have learned that a lot of people are very talented but don't have documented resume experience to show it. This puts them at the bottom of the list when looking to obtain a job in that field of work.  Why let a resume dictate what you're capable of?  Now, If you can show  your value via video, your odds just got that much better.  We want to change the way businesses look at job candidates.  

For the Employers

On another perspective, employers can now feel more secure when hiring candidates.  You're now physically able to see what the candidates are capable of.  This cuts out all the falsified resumes, the potential hiring of an unqualified person and wasted time interviewing people that cant preform the required tasks.  The time it takes to view a video and get an idea if the person is ideal for the position is much quicker than scanning resumes and looking for keywords or information that might not even be accurate in the first place.  Our platform benefits both sides of the spectrum, and we'll ProveIt. 

Hunter Christian